Showcase Spotlight: Best Friends Forever by Lila Scott

Showcase Spotlight: Best Friends Forever by Lila Scott

Best Friends Forever is a sweet romance book by Lila Scott. It’s the eighth book in The Magic of Love series.


A fiesta innkeeper. A stubborn carpenter. Can best friends discover true love with one another?

Amelia Davis had been through a lot as she’d watched her father battle cancer. Her one dream now is to turn the home she’d grown up in–her inheritance–into a business her father would be proud of. And she knew she could do it–with or without her best friend helping her with the many needed repairs.

Jordan Terry is a hard worker and he’ll do anything for his best friend, Amelia, even if he doesn’t totally get her half the time. But he always believes in her–supports her and this includes her latest endeavor to make a go of her inn.

When a charming stranger moves into the inn and soon after seems to capture Amelia’s heart, Jordan can’t shake the feeling that he’s up to no good. Somehow he needs to be able to protect his best friend and not have it coming off as the jealousy that threatens to consume him–much to his surprise.

Best Friends Forever is the eighth standalone book in the Love Isle sweet romance series. If you like romantic happily ever afters, island settings and characters you can relate to, then you’ll love Lila Scott’s adventurous story of love.

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Best Friends Forever by Lila Scott

Title: Best Friends Forever

Author: Lila Scott

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

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