Showcase Spotlight: Taming Her Stallion by Megan Musgrove

Showcase Spotlight: Taming Her Stallion by Megan Musgrove

Taming Her Stallion is a historical romance book by Megan Musgrove


When Cora is contacted by the ghost of a young girl, she goes to great lengths to solv

Book 1 in the Self-Made Rogue Series

Lady Felicity Greene is perfectly content living the quiet life on her family’s Suffolk estate, but when two men turn up claiming to be interested in purchasing a racehorse from her father, the peace is broken. It doesn’t matter how handsome one of the men is, there is clearly something foul afoot, and Felicity is intent on finding out what is it.

Jack Rockall would do anything for his friend and business partner Ian, including agreeing to accompany him to the Marquess of Sharnbrook’s estate and entertaining his spinster daughter, while Ian can investigate a family secret that has plagued him all his life. Only, distracting the Lady Felicity proves to be a task and a half the second Jack lays eyes on her.

s ever known.

Antiques, memories, mystery, and a creepy carnival collide when twelve-year-old Cora Wren inherits the family business – not Hollowfield Olde Factory Antiques where she works alongside her father and brother, but her family’s other business: seeing the memories and the past inside the antiques.

Cora can be transported to the memories associated with items she touches, and she soon is contacted by the spirit of Adelaide Crestfall – a young girl who disappeared from the quaint town of Hollowfield, Pennsylvania in the late 1930s. Adelaide strategically places objects in Cora’s way, transporting Cora to a haunted Crestfall Manor and to a traveling carnival where Adelaide’s disappearance or something worse may have occurred.

As the mystery surrounding Adelaide intensifies, Cora tries to balance her other struggles: repairing her shaky friendship with Lee, fending off the snotty Ambre Green, and coming to terms with the largest mystery she’s ever had to contend with – the disappearance of her own mother years ago.

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Taming Her Stallion by Megan Musgrove

Title: Taming Her Stallion

Author: Megan Musgrove

Genre: Historical Romance

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