Showcase Spotlight: Ginger by PJ Ryan

Showcase Spotlight: Ginger by PJ Ryan

Ginger is a children’s chapter book (9-12yrs) and the sixth book in The Fairies of Sunflower Grove series by PJ Ryan.


Ginger was the most positive and optimistic fairy in all of Sunflower Grove. She almost always has a smile on her face and a good thing to say about any situation.

When a big storm has the fairies inside of the Mushroom Palace for days on end, tempers flare and not even Ginger’s cheerful mood can brighten the day.

In fact, Ginger’s cheerful mood seems to make one fairy in particular very angry and Ginger can’t stand the thought of being around fairies that are mad at her.

Will Ginger’s decision to leave the palace have her stranded and all alone during the storm?

If you like magic, kid’s fairy tales and stories with heart, you’ll love The Fairies of Sunflower Grove series!

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Ginger by PJ Ryan

Title: Ginger

Author: PJ Ryan

Genre: Juvenile (9-12yrs)

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