Showcase Spotlight: Nobody's Perfect by Selisa Lyn Johnson

Showcase Spotlight: Nobody’s Perfect by Selisa Lyn Johnson

Nobody’s Perfect is a young adult novel by Selisa Lyn Johnson.


Fifteen year old Amanda Howards is one of the most prettiest girls at her high school, but is that enough? Amanda has become the first black Honey Bear, an elite cheerleader squad for the prettiest and sexiest girls at Central High School. She recently started dating the handsome varsity basketball player, Ed Hammer, which grants her even more popularity at school. Seeking to be perfect like the Super Models she idolizes, Amanda starts extreme dieting, believing the thinner she becomes the more she’ll be like her idols. A “Honey Bears” has to live up to almost impossible standards and Amanda constantly feels more like a “Homely Bear”. She ultimately has trouble feeling like she fits the image she is predisposed to portray, and the more she worries, the harder she diets. Constantly, she tries to overcome her bad feelings of being an outsider on the squad and struggling to keep her friendship with her best friend, Reesie, a close relationship she had since childhood. Will Reesie’s jealousy about failing to become a Honey Bear negatively affect that relationship? Is Amanda willing to give up Ed due to him relentlessly pressuring her for sex, because she wants to remain a virgin? Will losing the relationship give her additional bad feeling about herself no matter what? Will she ever become the perfect teenager she dreams about? It’s like things will never be as easy as they should be for Amanda and it’s a constant uphill battle for her to just fit the image everyone has of her…

Search for Self: A 40 plus book series that explores a group of kids who are struggling through their teenage years as they attend Central high school from the fall of 1988 until the spring of 1990. As the series goes forward, it allows the reader to become a part of the adventures of various students from all walks of life as they deal with their emotions, friendships, and growth as individuals. The students deal with a variety of issues including over three hundred black students attending the mostly white Central for the first time since their old high school, Lincoln, closed down on the south side and the cultural clash both races feel after hardly any interaction with each other before that, the town’s biggest employer, The Mill, laying off hundreds of workers after a big Strike, and just trying to climb up higher on the popularity ladder so they can feel like they fit in. Sometimes, it’s like no matter what, nothing ever works out the way you want it to and you just spend most of your time dealing with everything. The kids in the search for self series just try to cope with things and not get caught up in all the despair they face.

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Nobody's Perfect by Selisa Lyn Johnson

Title: Nobody’s Perfect

Author: Selisa Lyn Johnson

Genre: Young Adult

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