Showcase Spotlight: The Sweetest Song by Lila Scott

Showcase Spotlight: The Sweetest Song by Lila Scott

The Sweetest Song is a sweet romance book by Lila Scott. It’s the sixth book in The Magic of Love series.


A struggling young singer. A divorced club owner. Can a chance encounter lead to both of their dreams coming true?

Maddie Lane was a bit unfocused in regards to having a direction in life. She knew she loved her music, but so far she hadn’t found enough gigs to cover her bills. Mostly she was okay with trusting in the universe to guide her steps, but lately the stress of it all—along with her recent break-up—was getting to her.

Alex Wright wasn’t really bitter about his divorce. In fact, he remained friendly with his ex almost to a fault. The time had come for them to part ways and the time had come for him to finally honor something that brought more passion to his life. Even though the opening of his new night club was proving to be a bit stressful, he felt it would all be worth it in the end.

When a beautiful young woman steps into the wet cement outside his building, Alex has an overwhelming urge to rescue her, but will the young musician capture more than applause on opening night?

The Sweetest Song is the sixth standalone book in the Love Isle sweet romance series. If you like romantic melodies, quirky characters with big hearts and beautiful island settings, then you’ll love Lila Scott’s sentimental story of love.

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The Sweetest Song by Lila Scott

Title: The Sweetest Song

Author: Lila Scott

Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance

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