Showcase Spotlight: Avery by PJ Ryan

Showcase Spotlight: Avery by PJ Ryan

Avery is a children’s chapter book (9-12yrs) and the fourth book in The Mermaids of Eldoris series by PJ Ryan.


Avery had broken the surface of the water along with some of her mermaid friends and now she couldn’t get the memory of the sensation out of her head. All she wanted to do was go back for more.

When the queen allows them to go on another journey, she’s beside herself with excitement at what they will discover.

Will they learn more about these creatures called humans or will mistakes made put them in grave danger?

If you like magic, kid’s fairy tales and stories with heart, you’ll love The Mermaids of Eldoris series!

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Avery by PJ Ryan

Title: Avery

Author: PJ Ryan

Genre: Juvenile (9-12yrs)

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