Showcase Spotlight: Forgotten Honeymoon by Beverly Farr

Showcase Spotlight: Forgotten Honeymoon by Beverly Farr

Forgotten Honeymoon is the first book in the Summer Wedding series by Beverly Farr.


A clean romance with a touch of amnesia.

“How can I be pregnant when I’ve never had sex?”

Kelly isn’t worried about the three weeks she can’t remember after a minor car accident — until two months later when she discovers that she is pregnant.

Obviously she had sex, although she can’t remember it now. But the important question is: who is the father?

Forgotten Honeymoon is book one in the Summer Wedding Series. Two best friends both make quick trips to the altar one summer. Book two is The M-word. They are both clean, stand-alone romances without cliff hangers.

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Forgotten Honeymoon by Beverly Farr

Title: Forgotten Honeymoon

Author: Beverly Farr

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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