Showcase Spotlight: Ubros: Odyssey Begins by Dan Hedgepath

Showcase Spotlight: Ubros: Odyssey Begins by Dan Hedgepath

Ubros: Odyssey Begins is the first book in the Ubros Odyssey trilogy by Dan Hedgepath.


Ubros is an eight-foot tall, armored artificial specie created by thousands of scientists, along with his one-of-a-kind starship, on a world that no longer exists. In this first book of the Ubros Odyssey series, Ubros awakes from a million-year state of suspension. He had been constructed and launched by God’s first race, a superior race of star travelers. He is on a mission to help those who are defenseless against aggressive alien forces that roam the cosmos looking to pillage, enslave and kill.

Ubros finds his first challenge on the Orange planet, where he defends the primitive, native inhabitants, the Oshi, against a dominant and powerful armada of invaders. He quickly learns that evil has no boundaries. The android finds future allies in two infants given to him for defending the Oshi’s world, but It will take many years for them to mature and become legends in their own right.

Ubros and his crew of two find incredible adventures as they journey through time portals, and wormholes visiting different planets and civilizations. Ubros ultimately finds the Earth and determines it is not to his liking. He plans serious changes to make it more suitable for mankind which is to follow long after the age of the giant reptiles.

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Ubros: Odyssey Begins by Dan Hedgepath

Title: Ubros: Odyssey Begins

Author: Dan Hedgepath

Genre: Science Fiction

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