French Kissed by Smokey Moment

Showcase Spotlight: French Kissed by Smokey Moment

French Kissed is an urban romance by Smokey Moment.


Bianca French is a spoiled woman not satisfied with her life. Marriage and three children back to back, have all but dulled her senses and she yearns for something more. Bianca lives a life filled with lies, sexual promiscuity and self-indulgence as she tries to escape from what she sees as a lack luster life. Her husband Bryce discovers what she’s been doing, and leaves her in the cold causing her to tumble further into the abyss. But after landing a job and catching the eye of its millionaire owner, Bianca is faced with even more trials as the encounter threatens to change her life forever. She is forced to take a long hard look at her choices and how she came to be a woman stripped of her wifely and motherly duties due to her betrayals, deceit and misguided choices. But Bianca has a secret. Bryce doesn’t know that his wife’s indiscretions will end up challenging the validity of their bond and force him to decide if he is man enough to forge ahead, forgive her and move on, knowing what he knows.

Will Bianca gain control of her inner demons and win back the love and trust of a good man. A dedicated husband who turned his back on her after finding out she has done the ultimate betrayal. Will her new lover win her heart and change her life forever? Or will her husband’s love conquer all and bring two people back together again?

This is a story about a woman so used to getting what she wants that she goes after all the wrong things and pays the ultimate price. A must read! A jaw dropping page turner!

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French Kissed by Smokey Moment

Title: French Kissed

Author: Smokey Moment

Genre: Urban Romance

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