Showcase Spotlight: Dead to Rights by Ellie Thornton

Showcase Spotlight: Dead to Rights by Ellie Thornton

Dead to Rights is a cozy mystery by Ellie Thornton. Dead to Rights is the third book in the Contemporary Reboot Series. Published by Gelato Publishing.


In the third installment in the Contemporary Reboot Series, Patrick Daley and Elizabeth Shea get their memories wiped once more. And that’s not the only thing weird happening. If you liked the films Ghost and Just Like Heaven than this is the book for you.

After three years of working as a Detective with the 35th Precinct, Elizabeth Shea is finally starting to feel like she belongs. So, when the Serious Crimes Unit gets assigned to take down the Tourneau Cartel, she’s not worried; that is until she’s cut off from her team and shot.

Being a cop has its risks, but the last thing she expected was to become a ghost. If she’s still here, she must have unfinished business. But that doesn’t explain why she can’t get more than a block away from a questionable psychic she saw on TV.

Patrick Daley hates pretending to be a psychic, but having signed a contract years before, he’s often expected to make television appearances. Plus, being “psychic” has been invaluable in his work with the Feds. Just because he can’t see beyond the grave doesn’t mean that his power of deduction isn’t useful.

However, when the two-year anniversary of his wife’s death passes, he finds faking psychic is way more than he can handle. After blowing off a consultation with the Sacramento Police Department, he’s inadvertently placed on a path he never expected. All he wants is to be left alone. Unfortunately, the little brunette ghost following him around has other ideas.

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Dead to Rights by Ellie Thornton

Title: Dead to Rights

Author: Ellie Thornton

Publisher: Gelato Publishing

Genre: Cozy Mystery, Romance

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