Showcase Spotlight: All That Matters by Lillianna Blake & Maci Grant

Showcase Spotlight: All That Matters by Lillianna Blake & Maci Grant

All That Matters is the third book in the Magic of Love Isle sweet romance series by Lillianna Blake & Maci Grant.


A talented artist. A restless sailor. Can she ever see him as more than the cocky troublemaker of their youth?

Luna James is a creative genius—at least that’s what the residents of sleepy Love Isle call her. When she turns her music on and lets herself be inspired by her water view, nothing can distract her—that is until the view that she’s painting includes a man falling out of his boat right in front of her eyes.

Kent Abram has loved being on the water for as long as he can remember. There’s nothing that can compare to an early quiet morning out on his boat, especially when he’s been feeling so odd lately. But one day, he sees a sight that captures his full attention, so much so that he finds himself embarrassingly man overboard.

As Kent determines to make the artist see that he’s no longer the same goofy kid she knew from earlier times, Luna struggles to believe his interest in her can be genuine. Can a secret spot of island paradise bring them together or will the sailor sail off into the sunset alone once again?

All That Matters is the third standalone book in the Love Isle sweet romance series. If you like characters with heart, romantic happily ever afters, and quaint island settings, then you’ll love Lillianna Blake’s romantic story.

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Title: All That Matters

Author: Lillianna Blake and Maci Grant

Series: Magic of Love Isle #3

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance

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