Showcase Spotlight: The Neighbor by Victoria H. Smith

Showcase Spotlight: The Neighbor by Victoria H. Smith

The Neighbor by Victoria H. Smith is a contemporary romance. Available at Amazon.


He’s rough and raw. She’s got one wild imagination.

When my new neighbor moves in across the street, I truly don’t get my cul-de-sac’s fascination with him. Sebastian Lucas has both women—and men—falling out their windows to catch a peek at him, but besides a set of rock hard abs and thighs the size of tree trunks, I just don’t get it.

But then I meet him.

I meet him and he awakens something in me I’ve only read about in my fiction dramas. He’s visceral, intense, and though he leaves much to wonder about himself, he has me yearning for more.

He explores my body in ways that make me feel nearly dirty, and just as my heart starts to open for him, he snatches the connection we quickly develop away. Who is the man whose bed I visited repeatedly over the course of several days?

And why does it seem like he’s urging me to stay away?

The Neighbor is a 19,000-word, thriller romance from Victoria H. Smith. If you like action-packed short reads about sexy bad boys and the women they aim to please, this story is for you! Sebastian Lucas loves long and hard, so one-click to meet him today!

Note from the author: This title was previously a part of the “Breaking Bad: 14 Tales of Lawless Love” boxed set. It was titled ONE HIT then and no major content has changed. Thank you.

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Title: The Neighbor

Author: Victoria H. Smith

Genre: Contemporary romance

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