Showcase Spotlight: A Breath of Thin Air by Lori Stacey

A Breath of Thin Air, a romance novel by Lori Stacey, is now available from Amazon.


Molly Cameron’s well-planned life takes a turn for the worst when her boyfriend dumps her. On her birthday. By text. Reluctantly, she agrees to take some time off from her job as a restaurant publicist to meet her two best friends in Breckenridge, Colorado. After all, learning to ski is one of the items on her “Life List.” But when a huge winter storm strands her in her cabin—and keeps her friends from getting to Colorado—she’s at the mercy of the guy in the cabin next door, a local doctor who is as carefree as she is buttoned-up. And even though a few days with him is indeed exciting, her real life back in L.A., including her high-powered job and her perhaps-remorseful ex, beckons. But can Molly really go back to the straight path she was on, or will she take a risk at life, and love?

This fun, lighthearted romance from Lori Stacy is an amusing reminder that we should be thankful that life never goes exactly according to plans.

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Title: A Breath of Thin Air

Author: Lori Stacey

Publication date: February 9, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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