Showcase Spotlight: Sanctuary by Fergal F. Nally

The book cover for Sanctuary by Fergal F. Nally has been redesigned. Sanctuary is the third book in the Erthe Sequence.


Luana is dead; a rogue spirit who walks between worlds. She finds the highwayman, Elias. They join in the fight against the gathering darkness. Magister control of thrall magic has a stranglehold on the Erthe. Plague takes over the Storm Coast; the dead rise and roam the land. An angel host is defeated and enslaved by thrall magic. Luana’s only hope; a daring escape with the pirate captain Ducet, to Echo Island and Sanctuary. To find Angel’s Landing and Rafael, the archangel. To turn the tide, to recall the Seven, to breathe life into a lost race of dragons… to bring salvation to the Erthe. A tall order… adventure awaits… hold on to your courage, you’re going to need it…

The Erthe Sequence

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Title: Sanctuary

Author: Fergal F. Nally

Series: Erthe Sequence #3

Publication date: May 16, 2014

Genre: Fantasy

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