Showcase Spotlight: Runestane by Fergal F. Nally

The book cover for Runestane by Fergal F. Nally has been redesigned. It’s the first book in the Erthe Sequence.


Darkness, fear & despair embrace the Erthe… a dirty war from the past reaches through time & grips the present. Star fallen Gods awaken in deepest Spellhold. They hunt for the key to the gates of time. D’Janyl is that key. One man, a thief, one woman, a witch, one chance: the Runestane. They jump from now back to then. A race, a map, an adventure. Their journey unfolds… they are delivered by the sands of time to a world of danger & sorrow. Snow dragons, vampires & dark sorcery await them. Cat & mouse… stealth & cunning… blood will run, wings will tear the air, flames will scorch the Erthe. It begins, watch your back, enjoy the ride…

The Erthe Sequence

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Title: Runestane

Author: Fergal F. Nally

Series: Erthe Sequence #1

Publication date: November 22, 2013

Genre: Fantasy

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