Showcase Spotlight: Just in Time by Paula Kay

Just in Time by Paula Kay is now available for pre-order. It will be released June 20, 2015. Just in Time is the fifth book in the Legacy Series.


At seventeen, Jemma Foster is about to become a very wealthy young girl. This wealth will come, not by her own hand, but because of a trust set up for her long ago by a young woman who wanted Jemma to have every opportunity that money could buy.

Jemma had already become accustomed to a rather luxurious lifestyle. Her famous clothing designer mother, Blu Foster, hadn’t held much back from her. There’d been fancy clothes, expensive vacations and all of the things to make up for their humble beginnings.

Her mother hadn’t held anything back from Jemma—except for the truth of who she was.

And the only thing Jemma had concerned herself with lately is partying the nights away with her druggie boyfriend.

The knowledge of this lifelong deception, along with her money, independence and desire to party, is the perfect recipe for disaster—potentially the kind of disaster that a young girl like Jemma may never recover from.

…unless someone who loves her can reach her before it’s too late.


The Legacy Series

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Title: Just in Time

Author: Paula Kay

Publication date: June 20, 2015

Series: Legacy Series #4

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Contemporary

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