Website Redesign – Save $10

The Beetiful Book Covers website has a new face! I decided to redesign the website to make it more modern and easier to use. To celebrate the new design, I’m offering a $10 off promotion. Use the code “REDESIGN2015” at checkout to receive $10 off EACH premade book cover. The coupon code expires May 31, 2015.

Some features of the new design:

  • New URL
  • Added a blog
  • More intuitive browsing
  • True eCommerce site
  • Improved showcase
  • Beetiful Author profiles

New URL is the new URL for this website. The old URL was Any links using should redirect to the new URL.

Added a blog

This post that you are reading is the very first post in the Beetiful Book Covers blog. I plan to use this blog in several ways. Here are the blog categories and descriptions of what to expect for each category.

  • Design Deconstructed – Feature a book design (premade and/or custom) and deconstruct it. I’ll list all of the elements that went into the design so that you can see what was used to make the final product.
  • Showcase Spotlight – Feature the new book covers designed by Beetiful.
  • Promotions – Announce promotions
  • Premades – Every week I’ll list all of the new premade book covers that were added to the site
  • Beetifully Designed News – Every week I’ll list news updates about “beetifully” designed books and their authors such as book launches, book sales, etc. (Note to Beetiful authors: as it would be too difficult to keep track of every single beetiful book, please notify me when you have new news for your book so that I can include it in my next post)

* I refer to an author that has a book designed by Beetiful as a Beetiful author.
** I refer to a book that has been designed by Beetiful as a Beetiful book.

More intuitive browsing

Searching for a premade book cover has never been easier. With more than 400 premade book covers offered on this site, I decided I needed to make it easier for authors to sift through all of the designs. Book covers can now be sorted by newness and price. I also added a ton of new categories and sub-categories like Subject Matter, Setting, People of Color (POC), etc.

True eCommerce site

The old website required you to first send me a message with the premade book cover you wanted to buy and then I would manually send you a PayPal invoice to purchase the cover. This site is now a real eCommerce site where you can complete the purchase of the premade right away. You just add the premade cover you want to your cart and then checkout. Billing is still handled through PayPal. I will then contact you if I have any questions for you or if I need additional information.

Improved showcase

You can now sort the showcase of beetiful books by genre. I also added author profile information to each book.

Beetiful Author profiles

Any author that has a book cover designed by Beetiful is considered a Beetiful Author. As a Beetiful Author, you get your own profile with links to your Beetiful books. If a Beetiful book is available on Amazon, it will be included in the Beetiful Book Store. All Beetiful Authors have the option to opt out of being featured on the site.

I hope you enjoy the new design. Let me know what you think or if you run into any errors.

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