Showcase Spotlight: Never Too Late by Lillianna Blake & Maci Grant

Showcase Spotlight: Never Too Late by Lillianna Blake & Maci Grant

Never Too Late is the fourth book in the Magic of Love Isle sweet romance series by Lillianna Blake & Maci Grant.


A beloved waitress. A sensitive widower. Can an old flame be reignited after thirty years?

Gina Malone has been a waitress at Love Isle’s favorite diner for more than half her life. She’s watched many romances blossom over the food that she’s served and she’s played matchmaker to more than a few of her favorite people on the island. She doesn’t mind too much that time has passed her by when it comes to love…at least that’s what she tells her friends.

Frank Evans had moved on from Love Isle a long time ago. He’d built a life for himself and his family that had been a good life, even if it had taken him years to truly get over his first love. But fate had thrown him a curve ball and he can’t seem to stop himself from making the trip back to the island—back to the memories of his youth and the woman he could never quite erase from his thoughts.

When Frank first sets eyes on Gina again, his heart knows instantly what it wants, but can he convince her to trust him again after all these years?

Never Too Late is the fourth standalone book in the Love Isle sweet romance series. If you like romantic happily ever afters, charming characters with heart and beautiful island settings, then you’ll love Lillianna Blake’s sentimental story of love.

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Title: Never Too Late

Author: Lillianna Blake and Maci Grant

Series: Magic of Love Isle #4

Genre: Women’s Fiction, Romance

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