Showcase Spotlight: Senior Week Crush by Maggie Dallen

Showcase Spotlight: Senior Week Crush by Maggie Dallen

Senior Week Crush, is a young adult novel by Maggie Dallen. It’s the second book in the Summer Love series.


Layla James has been waiting her entire life for a chance to get close to her crush, Dylan. Now that moment has arrived. Dylan is finally single and he’s started to notice her existance. He even asked if she was going to Senior Week, the last hoorah at the beach before graduation day. Of course she’s going, this was destiny calling. The only problem? She doesn’t have a ride.

Unfortunately her irritating and smug archnemesis, Jack Abrams, has the solution. He’ll give her the ride she needs… on one condition. If Layla agrees to sing for his band, she’ll have her dream vacation with her lifelong crush. But once she’s on the road with Jack, nothing goes according to plan. Her first kiss is with the wrong guy, she starts to suspect that her lifelong crush doesn’t even know her name, and the guy she’s sure she hates turns out to be kind of amazing.

One thing is clear, destiny is not nearly as predictable as one might hope.

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Title: Senior Week Crush

Author: Maggie Dallen

Genre: Young Adult Romantic Comedy

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