Showcase Spotlight: Triple Kisses by G. Bailey

Showcase Spotlight: Triple Kisses by G. Bailey

Triple Kisses is a steamy Christmas romance book by G. Bailey.


What do you say when your mother calls from her holiday abroad to say she married a millionaire she just met? Elsie just decides to put it on her long mental list of irresponsible things her mother has done and carry on with her normal life. Only that doesn’t last long when Elsie’s mother demands for her to come and stay for the Christmas break with the new family. Elsie knows she doesn’t have any other choice but to go and get meeting the new family out of the way. Except her mother didn’t mention her three new stepbrothers, or the fact that they all look like hot models in expensive suits with killer smiles. Christmas break was meant to be snow, fun and presents. Instead Elsie finds herself spending everyday avoiding her attraction to not one, but three of her step brothers. 18+ **Reverse Harem**

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Title: Triple Kisses

Author: G. Bailey

Genre: Steamy Romance, Christmas

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