The New Blue by Traci Lynne Brown

Showcase Spotlight: The New Blue by Traci Lynne Brown

The New Blue is a novel by Traci Lynne Brown.


Sex. Betrayal. Revenge. Friendship. Love. Family.

It’s all here in this page-turning, hard-to-put-down novel!

Wedding bells follow the loss of Sidney Shane’s virginity to the handsome Damon Campbell. Only she’s not invited to the wedding. After losing her virginity to one of the worst guys on the planet, 22-year-old Sidney Shane packs up her wounded heart—and her blood money boots—and takes her high hopes of a fresh start at finding love to sandy beaches Florida. But does the Sunshine State throw shade her way? Or is it that she’s only chasing the clouds? Follow this funny—vengeful—fresh-out-of-college female, as she gets a post-graduate education in the real-world disappointments of dating. In this story, where coming of age sometimes involves “becoming enraged”, the sky isn’t the only thing that’s blue. And the ocean isn’t the only thing that’s salty.

This book is the first release from the imprint Pink Leather Ink. Pink Leather Ink – Books for and about pretty strong women and girls.

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The New Blue by Traci Lynne Brown

Title: The New Blue

Author: Traci Lynne Brown

Genre: Romance, Women’s Fiction

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