Showcase Spotlight: Mel & Tia by Sienna Mynx

Showcase Spotlight: Mel & Tia by Sienna Mynx

Mel & Tia is an urban sweet romantic comedy by Sienna Mynx.


Funny Valentine Book I

Sometimes the sweetest love comes in the most unexpected of packages. That’s how it is for Tia Jackson. A successful marketing executive with a large family and overbearing sisters, Tia has always hated the game of courtship. She wants to be valued for her accomplishments, not her ability to find true love. Then she meets Melvin…

St. Paddy’s Day Book II

Melvin Reed is grateful for a second chance at happiness. A wife and kid is more than he ever thought possible, after the crimes and sins he’d committed. But that’s all changed. Now he’s well on his way to having it all. What he doesn’t understand is his lady’s determination to delve into a past he wishes to leave behind. Who cares if they’re different? For Melvin she’s perfectly matched for him in every way.

Baby Love Book III

Being married has never been sexier…

Tia Jackson Reed is madly in love with her husband and the life he’s shown her. She plans to have it all: family, success, and the career she’s work so hard to achieve. That is, until her husband’s desires for domesticated bliss collide with her own. A close friend from college returns after six years, and what he wants from Tia could ultimately test the bonds of her marriage, faith, and commitment in ways neither she nor Mel can foresee.

Two Bonus short stories for Mel and Tia have been added: “For Mel” and “Lace and Cuffs”

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Mel & Tia by Sienna Mynx

Title: Mel & Tia

Author: Sienna Mynx

Genre: Interracial Romance, Romantic Comedy

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