Showcase Spotlight: Darcy’s Midsummer Madness by Cass Grix

Showcase Spotlight: Darcy’s Midsummer Madness by Cass Grix

Darcy’s Midsummer Madness by Cass Grix is a Pride and Prejudice variation. Available on Amazon.


There is nothing like a love potion to make a party interesting. Caroline Bingley schemes to make Mr. Darcy fall in love with her, but her plans are thwarted by a mischievous footman who puts her love potion in the pastries served at the Netherfield Ball. This sets off a series of romantic misadventures.

Mr. Darcy is falling for Elizabeth Bennet and she begins to fall for him, but will their love last beyond midnight?

Darcy’s Midsummer Madness is a whimsical Pride and Prejudice Variation Novella based on Jane Austen’s most famous couple and loosely inspired by Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream. What fools these Mortals be!

Pride and Prejudice Paranomals

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Title: Darcy’s Midsummer Madness

Author: Cass Grix

Series: Pride and Prejudice Paranormal Variation

Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

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