Showcase Spotlight: Alternate Plans by Jenn Flynn-Shon

Showcase Spotlight: Alternate Plans by Jenn Flynn-Shon

Alternate Plans is a new adult novella by Jenn Flynn-Shon. It’s the second book in the California Dreamin’ series.


When Deb Martin moved away from her childhood home six months ago she swore to herself two things. First, she would always be there to help her family in times of need. Second, she would make it on her own. Without their money. Without using her given name to get ahead. But life has a funny way of backing up on a person and when Deb finds herself in a financial jam she knows her dad will help. If only he would call her back. While she waits, Deb meets a town full of people who love to help each other. Including one available, attractive guy, Adam. Despite her finding Adam moderately annoying, Deb has no choice but to accept his help. Could her unfortunate circumstance make her realize that on her own doesn’t have to mean alone?

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Alternate Plans by Jenn Flynn-Shon

Title: Alternate Plans

Author: Jenn Flynn-Shon

Series: California Dreamin’ Series #2

Genre: New Adult, Romance

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