Showcase Spotlight: Touch of Two by A. Peter Perdian

Showcase Spotlight: Touch of Two by A. Peter Perdian

Touch of Two by A. Peter Perdian is an science-fiction novelette. Available at Amazon.


Ties That Bind

​Bluprix is desperate. She is defending her home world against attacks by its archenemy, the Jansee, a colony of humans occupying a planet in an adjacent solar system. This is a war she isn’t sure her people can win. She also fights to save an heir of the ruling family, a task as arduous as defending her world against the Jansee.

Peth, a human male who long ago rejected his own species and now serves the “Three Powers,” finds himself caught up in this human-ohmolic war. As captain of a star cruiser, he holds the life of Bluprix in his hands. Will he help her? Or will he stand idly by and watch her die?

Touch Of Two is a science fiction novelette, a tale of two species locked in a death struggle over the control of a planet known as Rupoc. The two species reside within an area of the galaxy controlled by the “Three Powers,” a quasi-empire whose technology is vastly superior to both humans and ohmolics.

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Title: Touch of Two

Author: A. Peter Perdian

Genre: Science-Fiction

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