Showcase Spotlight: Stakeout by Roger Stelljes

Showcase Spotlight: Stakeout by Roger Stelljes

Stakeout by Roger Stelljes is a McRyan Mystery novel.


In a daring and high stakes heist worth millions, one man narrowly escapes capture. Now his past could jeopardize his future as detectives piece together a web of clues.

A rare coin collection worth millions was stolen and the thief is gone without a trace. Detective Mac McRyan and Detective Lich join forces to stakeout suspects and solve a few of Mac’s problems along the way. Dick is in rare form with his classic crude and obnoxious humor to work the case with Mac in… A Case From The Dick Files.

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Stakeout by Roger Stelljes

Title: Stakeout

Author: Roger Stelljes

Genre: Mystery, Thriller

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