Showcase Spotlight: Darcy the Beast by Cass Grix

Showcase Spotlight: Darcy the Beast by Cass Grix

Darcy the Beast by Cass Grix is a Pride and Prejudice variation. Beauty and the Beast at Pemberley. Available on Amazon.


A Jane Austen fairy tale.

Beautiful Elizabeth Bennet thinks Mr. Darcy is a Beast – he is a proud, angry man, scarred by life – and she would never consent to living at his home, sacrificing her freedom, if her family’s survival was not at stake. Her only solace is the handsome man she dreams of at night.

After years of searching, Darcy has found the one woman he wants and he will ask her every night to marry him, until she says yes.

Darcy the Beast is a Pride and Prejudice Variation, a mash up of Jane Austen’s most beloved couple and the classic French fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Follow along as Elizabeth discovers the true man behind the mask.

Pride and Prejudice Paranomals

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Title: Darcy the Beast

Author: Cass Grix

Series: Pride and Prejudice Paranormal Variation

Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

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