Showcase Spotlight: Love Times Two by Maggie Dallen

Showcase Spotlight: Love Times Two by Maggie Dallen

Love Times Two by Maggie Dallen is a romantic comedy. Now available from Amazon.


America loves weddings and a twins’ double wedding should be double the pleasure and double the fun. Except that one of the brides, math teacher Elizabeth Hayes, recently found her fiancé in bed with another woman. Elizabeth’s twin sister, Connie, has been in a taffeta-induced high planning the wedding—there’s no way Elizabeth can tell her the whole thing’s off now. And she definitely isn’t going to mention that barely remembered night of whiskey, weeping, and waking up in a sexy bartender’s bed.

When a bridal reality TV show offers an all-expenses-paid dream wedding, Connie refuses to say no just because one of them lacks a groom, so Connie’s fiancé convinces his best friend to temporarily play the role of Elizabeth’s beloved. But Elizabeth is stunned to discover that her new “groom,” Mark, is the sexy bartender from that blurry night. And Mark is shocked to find that his fake fiancée is the mysterious math teacher he’s been fantasizing about. Both are in for a surprise when it turns out that their pretend romance might just turn out to be the real thing.

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Title: Love Times Two

Author: Maggie Dallen

Genre: Young Adult Romantic Comedy

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