Showcase Spotlight: Empty Next (Alex In Onederland, Book 4) by Lillianna Blake

Showcase Spotlight: Empty Nest (Alex In Onederland, Book 4) by Lillianna Blake

Empty Next is the fourth book in the series, Alex In Onederland, by Lillianna Blake.


I really can’t believe the day has come. I think there’s nothing that can prepare a mother to send her daughter off to college—especially when you’re as close as Rachel and I are.

I feel like I should be the one helping to calm her nerves, but I think it’s me who’s having a bit of a freak out around here.

And then—well, there’s no time for freaking out. I’ve got the cafe to run and a huge list of things I want to do with my daughter before she goes, so carry on—thats what I’ll do.

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Title: Empty Next

Author: Lillianna Blake

Series: Alex In Onederland #4

Genre: Humor, Chick-lit

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