Showcase Spotlight: Sweet Treats by Maggie Dallen

Showcase Spotlight: Sweet Treats by Maggie Dallen

Sweet Treats by Maggie Dallen is a chick-lit romance novella.


Will you be my…dog walker? Sheer panic has Derek popping the question. The fear of never seeing his dream girl again has clearly led to a case of temporary insanity. Because really, who asks someone to be a dog walker when they don’t even own a dog?

After a year of pining over her workplace crush, Elise is ready to bite the bullet and tell him exactly how she feels. What could it hurt? Answer: Everything. Heartbroken, humiliated, and now unemployed, Elise has officially hit rock bottom. The only silver lining comes in the form of a job offer from an unexpected source. Who would have thought cold, stuffy Derek Hawk had a puppy, let alone a heart?

Short, sweet, and utterly romantic, Sweet Treats is the second standalone novella in Maggie Dallen’s Love Bites series.

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Dorothy by Anya Wylde

Title: Sweet Treats

Author: Maggie Dallen

Genre: Romance, Chick-lit

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