Showcase Spotlight: Frankenstein Darcy by Cass Grix

Showcase Spotlight: Frankenstien Darcy by Cass Grix

Frankenstien Darcy by Cass Grix is a new Pride and Prejudice variation mashed up with Frankenstein. Now available on Amazon.


Jane Austen with a twist.

Frankenstein Fitzwilliam Darcy is a proud man haunted by secrets of the past.  Elizabeth Bennet is a strong, independently minded young woman, ahead of her times. When these two lovers meet at Meryton, lightning strikes.

Darcy has no intention of falling in love with a provincial nobody and Elizabeth is infuriated by this tall, dark, handsome stranger’s arrogance. Neither of them realize how dangerous falling in love can be.

Frankenstein Darcy is a mashup of Jane Austen’s classic romance Pride and Prejudice and Mary Shelly’s masterpiece Frankenstein. It is a sweet, heartwarming romance with just a touch of the Gothic.

Pride and Prejudice Paranormals

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Title: Frankenstien Darcy

Author: Cass Grix

Series: Pride and Prejudice Paranormal

Genre: Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

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