Showcase Spotlight: Chasing Moonlight by Raven St. Pierre

Showcase Spotlight: Chasing Moonlight by Raven St. Pierre

Chasing Moonlight is a historical interracial romance by Raven St. Pierre. Available at Amazon.


Bestselling author, Raven St. Pierre, returns with the third standalone in a breathtaking family saga filled with love, acceptance, and adversity.

Jesse Peterson lives by the sweat of his brow and doesn’t hold back from defending his beliefs—even if that means getting dirty and breaking a few noses in the process. It goes without saying that his tendency to let his fists do the talking hasn’t come without a price. His family’s intolerance of his behavior, and his own distaste for the town’s corruption, have set him on a downward spiral from which he can’t seem to recover. With the growing sense of his personal convictions being too big for such a small town, he wonders if there’s still good reason to stay.

That question is answered the instant Quinn Dixon crosses his path.

As strong as she is beautiful, Quinn steals Jesse’s heart right away. But in Honeywell, Alabama, the horrors of Jim Crow are an everyday occurrence. Forced to settle for passing glances and secret rendezvous, neither has forgotten that these stolen moments could cost them everything.

Their freedom.

Their lives.

Once they’ve fallen, there’s simply no such thing as a life apart. Their love is forbidden, but is the truest either has ever found. For that, they’re willing to risk it all.

His conviction gives her hope. Her strength makes him believe. Their love defies reason.

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Title: Chasing Moonlight

Author: Raven St. Pierre

Genre: Interracial Romance, Historical Romance

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